Jazbeat – Swingin Man

JAZBEAT (JAZZBIT) it is even “Swing” that brings us back to the 40′s and 50′s with tracks that are kept the same, the atmosphere is so well fused and arranged that it is almost like the actual original tracks. The band is composed by:Dario Rosciglione, Enrico Solazzo and the vocalist Fabiana Rosciglione, with the support of many other musicians. The arrangements of the tracks always leave open space for the improvisation of the special guests: there are many pauses and resumes, so that these breaks are filled with wind instruments, vocals, piano and percussions. In the summer 2004 the single,”Sing sing sing,” was a great success (it was even used for a tv commercial in Italy and abroad), it was a remake of the original song from Louis Prima(1937), brought to success by Benny Goodman and then eventually performed by many others artists.

Plus d’infos : http://www.myspace.com/jazbeat

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