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Après leur passage à la nuit électroswing du 2 mars 2013 à Paris,
nous avons eu le plaisir de les rencontrer après leur live.
Martin Strathausen s’est prêté au jeu de l’interview.

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Who are you?
Bonjour, I am Martin Strathausen, creating the project TAPE FIVE.
Born on planet earth, as a child of my time.
Basically I let the music speak for me.

What is your music history?
Almost everything, not so much classics. In my years as a producer
of audio design for radio stations I went recording through most kinds of styles.
Personally from Beat to Rock to Funk/Soul to Reggea to Drum´Base to Lounge to Swing!
But I started with a guitar and learned as an autodidact with Jimi Hendrix records.

Who is who and who does what?
As a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer I´m collecting the ideas and start working on it. I co-operate with my singers and love it to have different voices around me as Henrik Wager, Gilda Rebello, Yuliet Topaz, Brenda Boykin or Iain Mackenzie.
And even some more from Cameron to Transsylvania
And of course there are the fantastic Horn players that are also part of the live crew!

Why did you choose « tape five » as name?
Its Dada. I was tired of fulfilling cliches and doing
what so called « major companies » expect.
Imagine countless styles in your fantasy to express yourself.
I took NOT tape no. 7263, nor tape no.112 from the drawer,
just the vintage TAPE number FIVE!

How would you describe your music?
I think its sophisticated entertainment. You can listen to it,
and discover new things even after many times of hearing.
Or you can dance to it, or whatever. Maybe its a non-commercial
way of thinking but I´m not interested in serving only one style.
Music is too broad banded for this, and things are changing….

How do you process to create your sound?
Millions of ways lead to a target. I sketch ideas,
work on it, record some instruments, remix it… and a crazy while later
something can be heard

What is Electro Swing for you?
When I worked on the 3rd album « Tonight Josephine » in 2009 I could not know that a whole movement followed.
And, it always was NOT only a loop and a brass sample for me.
I left this easy job to young DJ guys and had more fun to record new songs in a retro style, like the old masters did. So check out for example « Slow Serenade »
( I think Claude Challe selected it for a new compilation)
from the recent album SWING PATROL which I coloured in a 1940ies swing style.
It containes more « blues&pain » than the twenties « party style »…
but this was intended!

What are your plans for the future, any cool release coming up?
Of course, in 2014 there will be a cool 5th TAPE FIVE album. Before that comes a long production time.
In the near future there will be a punchy remix of « Geraldines Routine »,
a track with the « Bad boy – Good man » Henrik Wager, and 2 new videos for tracks from the album SWING PATROL,
also some gigs in Asia and South America need to be prepared.

Many thanks, and remember
« it dont mean a thing … »
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- Post By Brice

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